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Thermal Treatment Wrap-Color Protect & Repair (Pack of 5)

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BHD 16
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Thermal treatment wraps infused with an elixir of essential oils and extracts deliver unparalleled moisture and shine to hair. The Good Stuff: - Lavender Oil: Soothing for the soul as it is for your hair while softening brittle, damaged hair - Juniper Oil: Nourishes the strands and dries the scalp deeply - Basil Extract: Refreshes the hair and scalp while adding shine Features: - Detoxes toxins and impurities - Prevents hair dye from fading - Free from Parabens and Paraffins - Cruelty-free
How to use: - Cleanse hair and dry lightly - Slip the wrap over the head - Leave it in for 15-25 minutes, and massage frequently - Wash the hair thoroughly, then style as usual